With the LIO--Starting Core Libertarian (Non-Party) Civic Forums for Libertarian-Interested Activists Official Non-Partisan
Social Community of LIO Libertarians, Libertarianism Activists & Friends--Meet for Coffee. Pick A Task. Change the World.

 Project Motto: Libertarian Individuals=Community Progress!

 We encourage volunteerism for community betterment--and action in each country for rights! Join free.

TO START a Model Community or Get Involved 1,2,3...

 Our focus is metro regions of 1.3 million people, 200K active adults. Imagine 20k leaders in them networked by a local Lib-interest community that hosts ongoing betterment, sharing futuristic tools, with dozens of people in public office often leading the bodies they serve...Now imagine such groups worldwide...sharing. Nice?

That's what we help you do! So join up, train to co-host by:

  1.  Networking via Get Acquainted/fan FB, LIO Friends or Regional e-conferences
  2. Join general and country/local book action club, volunteer in your community

Nothing here is just someone's opinion. We test and pilot so you don't re-invent 'flat tires.'

With our manuals, read Seamless CityArt of Community, Voluntary City, & Lib Book Club items.



 ...develop Lib community using our LIO/ Libertarian-interested networks & eco-communities to LIO standards...or publicize your autonomous Libertarian-based or -interest community project.

Today, thousands of co-housing, condo, co-op, designed community, and neighborhood association groups unconsciously use our tools. We focus on more conscious and consistent use.

The whole spreads conversancy with voluntary Lib solutions and volunteer citizenship where community institutions--'government' act as optional auxilliaries--and implementation via increasingly autonomous community options within Lib-friendly Liberal, federal and secular democracy.

Our LIO communities are both networking platforms for all and cradle pilot model Libertarian communities to LIO standards.  

Start-up guidance is at 1,2,3 and  How link above.

  LIO Communities...

Native Activist M. Champion advises the Canadian Native autonomy movement.

These are our best practice- based social communities hosted by strict Libertarians approved by the project & facilitating  a broad non-partisan social community.

Focus areas are LIO/SMILE themes, user-driven events and volunteering projects, and non-partisan public office and trans-partisan exchange with citizen summits. Use is free.

Networks host other Lib projects, and eventual co-housing and eco-community projects in each country and major metro area.

Groups grow on a cyclic and repeating 6 year plan reflecting the Libertarian mission (1985)of helping form voluntary and Libertarian community from households to cities on--as both incubators of change, and centers of social stability.

  Publicize Other Lib-based...

Mom, small businesswoman Kristi Stone welcomes you to the Libertopia group.

We  'note' to help publicize interested autonomous Lib-direction or Lib-oriented or Liberal communities or designed/ intentional  communities associations that welcome Libertarians or use Libertarian -based tools. Join our co-op at right & let us know of your group! Examples:

>Libertopia. Libertarian-direction yearly conference and demonstration co-ops building network in California, USA

>NH Alliance/Free State  Sharing trans-partisan Liberty-leaning community in NH, USA

> SeaSteading Advises Sea-based mini-comunities;other advisory groups:CambrianFree Nation Foundation | Limon Real | Charter Cities | Free Cities |



Welcome to these community projects. Many Libs are moving from Libertarian-direction advocacy to model Libertarian communities. I'm honored to be co-host of the pilot in Pinellas, Florida. Please take my QUIZ to see how Lib-oriented you are already...then share it to begin the process!  -- David Nolan, founder, US Libertarian Party

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