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Posted on February 22, 2009 at 2:36 PM

 150+ took first Libertarian Citizen! free training workshop,

 with Club founder and host MG and guest seminarists such as LP Chair Dr. Lark.

The Libertarian Citizen! project of the LIO was launched in 1999 with best practice studies culminating in a workshop for and designed with activists and candidates in Florida, USA. ( The international Club initiative is the result of efforts of principals associated with the Friedman Foundation, ISIL, LIO and the USLP, and will be fully operational in 2011 after the testing stage.) Clubs are non-partisan and private co-mensual societies.


As a result, Florida went from "After 30 years 5, to in 2 years 45, people in public office" according to workshop attendee Ray Roberts, who  was then Secretary of the Libertarian Party Florida. "The best part is this was done at little cost and real team-building." The effort was praised as the "Libertarian Gold standard of political/constituency outreach" by LP Political Director Ron Crickenberger. The workshops are being converted into self-study manuals for 2012.


In addition, a mother club in Tampa Bay and  centered in the county of Pinellas and its city of St. Petersburg has been implementing and adjusting the best practices. In 4 years it has met plan and gone from 1 to 12 Libertarians in Public Office in 2009 occupying 23 positions working with the local Libertarian Party, along with wins in local coalitions and other activity. Florida and Tampa Bay/Pinellas were selected as they were notoriously difficult for Libertarians, and the population sizes reflected those of most political entities (18 MM, 4 MM,1MM and 250K respectively), providing valuable experience. Most Club users--"Clubsters" are not Libertarians keeping with our non-partisan character, but like the Libertarian tools.


Clubs help users with the LIO political IMPROVE NOW! plan for implementing Libertarian voluntary replacements for coercive official programs or situations; and the personal SMILE agenda for development (Space Migration/Ecology Improvement; Machine assistants-robots at diminishing cost; , Individual autonomy and intelligence increase; Libertarian community and househoild options; Extension of Life); developing Libertarian-leaning community and households on teams and societies on the ILEAP (interpersonal, Legislative, Educative, Activism, Political and Documentation efforts) approach;  plus Clubs also act to encourage familiarity with key Libertarian/rights texts and links for all rights activists. 


Budding Clubsters should sign up and get familiar with the reading program and links.

SEE:; also for models.





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Welcome to these community projects. Many Libs are moving from Libertarian-direction advocacy to model Libertarian communities. I'm honored to be co-host of the pilot in Pinellas, Florida. Please take my QUIZ to see how Lib-oriented you are already...then share it to begin the process!  -- David Nolan, founder, US Libertarian Party

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